Free + Above Arizona (Coming soon)

According to Mental Health America - Arizona is the second worst state in the U.S. when it comes to addressing mental-health issues. We are here to let people know who are struggling + suffering in silence, losing all hope and feeling shameful - THEY MATTER. They are important. And their mental state does not mean unworthy, unlovable, broken nor crazy. It means they’re only human. For the foster child who goes from home to home because people can’t deal with him being bi-polar. For the girl who’s been sexually abused and struggles with PTSD and depression. For the 20 year old college kid dealing with anxiety. For the 12 year old who self harms. For the mother who battles with postpartum depression. And anyone dealing with any sort of mental health issue.. This Is For You. 

You all matter. Remember that.

Tony Cox Jr