Be The Light For Someone Else

Welcome to my life as a suicide loss survivor. I lost my brother to suicide and each and every day I have to live with finding him and having my world totally turned upside down. Our world is so naive to suicide and mental health and it's nothing to be ashamed of but we just need to educate ourselves. How many people know that the reason people pass away from suicide is because the have an undiagnosed or untreated mental illness? We live in a world were mental illness is so common but people are shamed if they reach out for help. We cannot see God but we know and believe God is real. Why when someone says they have a mental illness and we cannot see them literally breaking on the inside we question if it's real(are they seeking attention, do they want extra time on the project, does this person just not want to come to work today?) God exists and so does mental illnesses. Both are real. Together they are manageable. Once we place ourselves in the hands of the Lord we are safe but that doesn't mean that here on earth we shouldn't reach out for help. Help can be a professional, getting exercise, getting on a safe medication, talking to friends or family. There is a positive way for each of us to cope with our mental illnesses and we can learn to ease our pain through prayer and positive actions. God truly meant for us to thrive not just survive! We are designed for greatness! I lost my brother due to the harsh stigmas our world has on getting help and being negative to those who struggle with a mental illness. I beg you be kind to everyone you encounter smile at them, be present in that moment with them and let them know that their presence matters to you because you have no idea the battles and turmoil they are battling. For those struggling I beg you to reach out. It's such a scary thing and I get that but God meant for us to live in happiness and that doesn't mean we aren't allowed our bad days but it means that when our bad days turn into something constant we have the tools to help pull ourselves out. I now live in a world without my brother. Every day I see people with their sibling and I cry so hard. I won't have my future the way I planned, my brother apart of it. He won't be there. That's a hard reality that I'm trying to still figure out. I struggle with anxiety, depression, OCD and PTSD. Before I thought that defined me, that mental illness defined me as bad, as lower, as unworthy. Now I'm not afraid to say I struggle because it doesn't define me. My heart and soul, which is from God defines me. How I treat people, how I live the life God gave me and how I show Gods love to others is what defines me as a person. Share your story and do not be afraid for God is with you. It's freeing to know that our word is changing because there are people like you and I who are willing to fight to show that each life matters and each person is worthy of love! My brother's life mattered and I'm fighting to save others lives. Be the light for someone else who is struggling to find their voice. Together we are stronger!