Confidence | Noor

As silly as this may sound, two of my biggest insecurities growing up were the color of my hair, and the color of my eyes. I remember people telling me I had beautiful eyes and I would say, "no, they're ugly." because they weren't blue. I grew up in a small, white, conservative town. Most of my friends had blonde hair and blue eyes, and I struggled with feeling and looking different. It wasn't until I left that small town, that I experienced my own sense of culture shock. We moved right outside of D.C. and I saw so much diversity that I grew a sense of envy toward those strutting the streets with confidence in their identity. I thought, if they can do that, maybe I can too. It took time, but I finally found myself, put on my identity, wore it proud, and realized that being my most authentic self was the only way I would ever become the best Noor I could be.