I Will Be Happy

My name is Katie and I am 25 years old.  I suffer from clinical depression and anxiety disorder with a with panic attacks.  Although these have been lifelong illnesses, I only first learned that I have an actual diagnosis about 4 years ago.  This only makes me sad to think about all the people out there who are suffering in silence as I was and don't know how to ask for help.  I am lucky enough to have a strong family (+ 2 dogs) around me who will help in any way I need and will always be there no matter what choices I make.  One major problem for me has always been food, but I have managed to keep a somewhat healthy weight until now.  My weight has begun to go even further down and somewhere I found the strength to seek help which I am currently getting.  I say somewhere I was able to find the strength, but it comes from my mom.  My family is one of the biggest reasons that I keep fighting to feel better, be happy, and live a great life.  As easy as it might seem to just end it all, I know the pain that would cause them would be unbearable and as someone who knows almost unbearable pain, I do not ever want others, especially my family to feel it.  I hope to further volunteer and reach out through organizations such as Free and Above in order to inspire and help others to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and you can live a fantastic life.  This will be a forever battle for me, but I believe that I will be happy and that's what I live for.