"I was always nervous as a child but I didn't think anything of it. The nerves got progressively worse to the point where I was forcing myself to stay awake at night and checking the locks on the doors multiple times a night. I was being controlled, like a puppet, by the anxiety. The controlling pushed so much that I quickly started to get depressed. I would go home everyday from school and I just would lay in bed and watch Netflix. Time would go by and I could just lay in bed and do nothing. Then I moved into high school the transition was terrible. I was having full panic attacks multiple times a week and was coming home everyday and just would take a nap because I was exhausted from staying up in the night to lock and relock the doors. Finally I had a terrible mental break down and finally told my mom I wanted to kill myself. I started going to therapy and did months of intensive therapy and my therapist said she could see a difference and wanted to also put on medication. I am a year out from starting therapy I am still struggle some days. I want to help everyone know that mental illness is real and needs true representation. I hope everyone can hold on and truly realize you matter!"

Sarah Whitehead, Senior in High School / Photos taken by, Rachel Cole