Some Encouragement

Goodness gracious. Isn't it hard to live our daily lives now that social media consumes our world? I know that over the past few years I have started to see my mind shift on a daily basis because of the temptation to compare myself to other people on the Internet. "I wish I had her body...I wish I had as much money as him...they look like they have a perfect life." These thoughts run in our heads every time we scroll through our Instagram feed. This leads to discontentment, insecurity, and essentially an unhappy life. It makes us feel uncomfortable in our skin. Something that I learned recently is that no matter how much someone has, or how perfect their life looks they are doing the exact same thing. We are human and all we do is compare. I have had to look inward in my life and look at the foundation of my life. I have had to look at what I have been given and find what I am grateful for. Gratitude will always show us that discontentment is a lie in our lives. My personal belief is in a relationship with God. I find purpose, confidence, and my identity in him. I have to look at what he has given me and how I can be content with the way I look, the gifts I have been given, and the life he has given me. That is how I become comfortable in my own skin through the daily struggle of feeling pressure from social media. I hope I can encourage you to look inwardly at your life. You have been given so much, and you are on this earth to make an impact! Don't let the temptation of comparison take over the influence you can have.

Hope this encouraged you today!

- Madison Watkins