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We believe in having contributors who can relate or are familiar with mental illness, addiction or sexual assault - Use their gift with either photography, writing or lettering to help glorify God. 

By glorifying God we're opening our hearts and fixating it towards Him, while at the same time using what He gave us to help others who feel hopeless and in pain.. They are the One. 

Similar to the 99 sheep and the One who got lost. 

They are the One.

The One we must search for, pray for, go out of our way for and bring them back home, safely in one piece.

We have to care about the One whose felt more pain than most have. The One who is mentally ill, sexually abused or rape. 
The One who cuts themselves because it's what they think they deserve and the One whose addicted to pills and alcohol. 

Let's be there for the One. And keeping adding One by One by One for those who are lost and don't know they are loved. And let us be there for them. One by One. 

Together we can help hundreds, thousands and beyond that. 

Are you ready? Willing? Committed?
Email us at info@freeandabove.com