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To every survivor of sexual abuse, to wake up everyday and live is bravery. And it's strength.... when a cloud of shame and sadness is hovering over you and you feel empty, numb and you're dying in the inside.

I know society says stuff like "it's your fault. you were too drunk. what you wore was basically asking for it." And I get so mad anytime I hear that. Rape is never the victims fault. Rape is never okay. I'm tired of the way rape victims have been portrayed and treated. And I'm sorry people have made you feel horrible if you've ever been sexually abused. 
I want you to know your story doesn't end where someone abused you. It keeps on going and the pages within your life are still being written and I promise you it gets better. It may get harder before it gets any easier and you're going to have to search for the little bit of light during the dark. But i promise you that little bit of light will carry you through the darkness. 
Your heart is still beating, beating to the tune that your life is a song. And in that song I hope you keep singing, even when it hurts to sing and that you dance. Dance because even though you may feel hurt today, God will bring Joy into your life tomorrow.  You will get through this.

Tony Cox Jr