Keep Singing

Your song is yours to sing and nobody can rewrite it or end it. 

For anyone who's a survivor of sexual assault or rape, your story is not over. It is not the end of life and the joy that you once felt flowing through your veins and the music your heart makes, but it no longer makes a beat anymore - Will come around again. 

Joy will rise from the depths in which it was buried in. Because joy, peace, love - all of that is stronger than every word that person made you feel and every word you told yourself you were. And I promise to you that a song in which your heart lost its beat on... will find its rhythm again and you will be at sync again with a thing called love. You will find your song again. And that song will help you through the times of hating, bashing and hurting yourself. Love is your song. If you haven't figured it out. And it speaks louder than the lies and the images replayed over and over again in your head. 
I want you to know your story will get better as every day passes. Your best chapters have yet been written. 

Your worth has not been diminished. Being loved again or at all has not been thrown away. You are worth every inch of attention and being loved. I mean even to the smallest of lengths - you still are. 
It won't be easy. Recovery will hurt. Flashbacks will arise. Tears will come. Your mind will over flood with negativity and shame. BUT you gotta remember healing is going to be a process and you will get there someday. Keep moving forward. Because eventually... You will see loving becomes easier. Forgiveness will set you free. Your body isn't damaged goods. And life is incredibly, just like you. You are a masterpiece.