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I was 12 years old when I first got the backwards idea to inflict pain on myself in order to feel better. I was 13 when I tried to skip meals because I hated what I saw in the mirror. I was 14 or 15 when I was prescribed antidepressants for anxiety and clinical depression.

I grew up learning the subconcious message that I was worthless, a waste of space, and never quite good enough. I planned, three different times, to take my own life.

Through the five or so years I battled depression, despite the overwhelming urge to give up, I always felt this pull to keep going. Sometimes it came in the form of a friend who struggled with the same things, sometimes it was a sister who never gave up on me, sometimes it was a simple song. It was the pull of hope. It was God holding onto me when I was too weak hold onto anything. 

It has been over two years since my last relapse. I've seen my story reach people in front of my very eyes. I've seen faces light up and heard people say, "you too? I thought I was the only one". I've developed a compassion for others that I would not otherwise have. I wouldn't take back a single moment of the darkness I walked through, because I lived long enough to connect over brokenness + hope with people in different countries, and in my own circle of friends. I lived long enough to understand the value Jesus placed on me when He purchased me with His own precious blood.

I've learned that I have worth, significance, and a story that someone needs to hear. 

And so do you //   Jane

I'm not always able to say no to the demands of my eating disorder and yesterday was a clear example of that. Today is a new day and today I am making a choice to rise above an eating disorder. It's not easy, especially with a couple things that have happened in the past couple of days that have hindered my recovery. The great thing is that knowing it's not going to be linear, I am not perfect, but I always have a choice to choose recovery. I am choosing to rise above an eating disorder // Sarah

Most of my young adult life I've struggled with my body image. This came from being sexually abused, suffering from depression, and battling an eating disorder. It has taken me four years to be at a point in my life where I'm happy and successful. This picture is from a trip to the beach I made with some of my best friends. That was the first time I've been comfortable wearing an outfit like this, or going to the beach in a bikini. Time truly does heal wounds. I went from laying in a Hospital bed a year ago, going into kidney failure, to going to school and living an amazing life. I am no longer anchored down by the things that I have been through. I still bare the scars of the things I have done, but those things do not define me. I define myself, and I am happy // Michelle


I was 16 when a monster named, Anorexia tried to take my life away from me. I have been fighting the lies of my eating disorder with the promises of freedom for 4 years. And believe me, living a life FREE from the chains of your eating disorder is the crazy beautiful plan God created us for.

Freedom is waking up every morning and KNOWING you deserve to be here. It's knowing you deserve to feed yourself. You deserve to take up space. 

ED’s lies don't have the power to define my being anymore. We are designed for so much more it’s insane. 

Now, I am free from the shame and hurt that led me to self harm the beautiful body God gave me to take care of. I am free from suicidal thoughts that led me to believe that I am not meant to be alive on this earth. I am free from restricting my body of the nourishment it needs to LIVE. Mostly, I am free from from hitting the “pause" button on my life due to self destruction. I spent more than 3 years of being in and out of treatment centers, therapy sessions & dietician offices. Now, I'm finally getting the lost time back. Now, I know I'm meant to be here.

Choosing freedom is the difference between life and death. It's the difference between living and allowing yourself to truly be alive. Ultimately, freedom is trusting God with my life, not my disorder.

You, beautiful one, deserve to choose freedom over fear. Because you were created to be free. (Believe it) // Sydney