Sharing your story might seem scary, difficult, shameful and whatever word felt to describe what it feels like for you right before you open up your mouth or before grabbing a pen/pencil. It's tough. But allowing ourselves to be seen and displaying our internal wounds to the world is needed. There's power from that. For yourself and for others who are walking down a same path similar to yours if not the same. 

Healing begins once we are no longer quiet about the pain we have endured. Empowerment follows right after that. And realizing you are stronger than an illness, an addiction and from someone who took advantage of you or forced you into doing something you did not want to do. 

You are a lot more stronger than you imagined and more capable of defeating what you thought had defeated you. 

Sharing can also let people know they are not the only one dealing with a certain issue. It lets anyone who thinks they're crazy to be reminded they are not messed up in the head or not fixable. And for anyone who's ever been sexually assaulted or raped to know they were never at fault and they deserve to love and be loved.

A lot can happen for just being open and vulnerable. You're allowing light to shine in places that haven't felt and seen light in awhile and giving opportunity for things to start growing again, like love and bravery. If you're tired of keeping it all bottled up inside of you and ready to lay your heaviness down. You can. If you're hoping to use your story to give hope onto others - that can happen. I'm inviting you to share your story in the hopes of all of that. 

Have your story featured on this project. 

Write your story out and send it over to / include a picture (no selfie) + username (if comfortable doing so) i'll be sharing on IG too. And must be 17+ to share. I do accept ages 14-16.  But a parent must email me saying it's okay to share your story. 

I look forward to reading and sharing your story.