Free And Story Story

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Let’s no longer be silent about our story.
It’s time we stand into the light and let ourselves be seen for who we really are. And not who we wanted others to see. 
No more pretending. No more faking it.
No more letting the pain eat us up alive in the inside. It’s time to speak out.

Who we are. What we have been through.
How we’ve survived. The story of that scar. What we deal with on a daily basis - it ALL matters. It might not look pretty. It may feel horrible.

You probably feel some shame about it and there’s some brokenness from it. But that’s okay.
You are only human. You’re allowed to be human and talk about you and your story. 

A story that matters greatly.
One that deserves to be heard.
And for the storyteller to be seen.

That's You

There’s power in talking about the things that are dark. When we talk about it more and more - mental illness and a person who we felt was controlling us and stripping away our happiness, loses its grip and we get stronger. Not only do we get stronger, others get more hopeful in their story and feel less alone.

Be Bold
Be Courageous
Tell your truth
Share your heart

Let everyone know what you’re free and above from. Your story will inspire and uplift.

Something to know: For this to be a free and above story - close to the end of your writing write what you are free and above from.
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This Is Alexis's Story



 My name is Alexis Shuler and I have depression, OCD (over compulsive disorder), and anxiety. I was diagnosed my junior year of highschool. I didn't notice these problems within myself seriously until then. I remember one day sitting in my calculus class,and I felt so dark, and unhappy, and my skin was crawling. I remember texting my mother that morning and saying "I need to go talk to someone NOW, or I am going to do something serious". I went to a Behavioral Health Hospital that afternoon and talked for a few hours. I cried so hard I couldn't breathe. I remember feeling uneasy and scared. I had no clue who I was anymore, or if I was going to see the light again. I was close to being admitted into that hospital, but they gave me the choice for outside counseling. I chose the outside counseling, which was hard for me to do. I had never asked for help before, let alone trust a stranger. The first therapist I had ever experienced had told me my feelings were "weird". I was in love with a boy, who was supposed to my bestfriend. That relationship deteriorated my confidence, my happiness, and my feelings. I had so much love for this person that I felt that without this person I could not live without them. We constantly fought, and argued. He was unable to understand my feelings, and told me constantly that I was "too extreme", "too much". I felt alone, and that I would never be able to find anyone who understood me, who understood how I felt. This person to this day continually invalidates things I believe in. Saying my body positivity is "too extreme" and "too much". I wanted this person to love me SO bad that I believed if he didn't love me no one would. My depression started affecting every relationship I had. I closed myself off. I told no one I was struggling. My mom and I's relationship started becoming worse. I refused to get out of bed for school, I couldn't shower, and I could barely stay awake. I had found a new therapist who was so bright, and made me take responsibility for my emotions. She validated my emotions, but told me that every decision I made must be for myself. I had to stop putting every person around me before myself. She was reteaching me how to process social ques. She gave me a reason to keep trying. My first year of college I moved 9 hours away from home, and I felt myself falling back into my old habits. I felt alone, and that nothing I ever did was enough for myself. That same boy who pushed me to my edge had began to talk down to me. That I was attention seeking, and over-reacting. I had to move out of my dorm because my roommate was ignoring me and making my anxiety worse. I had applied for an emotional support animal on campus, and I had no support from my sports team, and my couch had told everyone my medical history including my therapy. I felt attacked, and alone. But my second semester of college I decided something had to change, that I didn't like how much control everyone had over me. I decided to join a sorority. I have completely changed. I joined Kappa Delta, and one of the campaigns is the confidence coalition. I decided to spread love to every person on campus. I commented on everyone's pictures, I smiled at strangers, and I reached out to people who I wanted to be friends with. I started sticking up for myself, and telling people how I was feeling. You'd be surprised how happy you can be when you start to fall in love with yourself again. I decided to learn how to love my body, and I followed plus size bloggers, and just started blooming. I bought outfits I never would've wore before and decided to show the world who I was. Despite my hate mail, harassment on social media platforms, and several recent soul shaking words from that boy about my body I kept going. I want to reach every woman, man, girl, and boy. You are beautiful, and deserve to wear something you find beauty in. Post those picture showing off your curves. Every body is beautiful and it is your home. Post your mental health story, and show how much you have overcome. Every person has struggled and your struggle matters. And there are so many people in this world who need to hear the mountains you've climbed. I have learned to love the brain and body I was given although society views me as "overweight", "fat", "crazy", and "flawed", and you should too. You're perfect the way you are, and deserve to grow. I love myself, and I continue to grow each day. Remember some days are hard, and you will relapse, and you will feel those bad feelings, BUT REMEMBER happiness is a journey NOT a destination. I am free and above, and you can be too. I love you all.